Local Homes will be on our Annual Solar and Natural Homes Open House

Sunday September 30, 2018 

From 10am- 4pm. 

Part of the Annual Ontario Natural Building Coalition's Natural Homes Tour. Map can be found here.



Living Sol Building and Design
Living Sol Building and Design

Creating healthy, energy efficient, environmental homes and cottages.

Living Sol designs and builds healthy homes, cottages, and additions using ecological and sustainable methods, materials, and technologies.

We include building methods such as post and beam, straw bale, earth sheltering, conventional frame and passive solar heating.  Our technology designs offer wind and solar electrical applications, alternative domestic hot water systems and radiant floor heat.

Creating a healthy atmosphere and energy efficiency are our priorities, adding integrated alternative energy systems when appropriate.

We are interested in all the ways that your home environment influences your health, comfort and your very well-being!